Braided Beauty


Beautiful hair comes in many styles – and braids are just one of them. Yes, not only do you feel pretty but they also save you a lot of time in the morning, meaning more time for a couple of zzz’s. They require little maintenance and you can wear them for a little longer than most hairstyles, roughly 6-8 weeks.


Speak to your hairstylist about whether the length of your hair is suitable for synthetic extensions, then decide on the size and length of the braids. Braids that are too big may cause hair breakage and damage to your hairline due to their weight.


Trust us when we say, you may prefer to pick a Saturday morning to braid your hair because they take time. On average, you’ll need 6-7 hours depending on the length of the braids and how much natural hair you have - the bigger the longer, so be sure to bring a few magazines to pass time.

Preparation is key before getting your hair braided – remember your precious crown is going to be tucked in for a while, so be sure to wash and condition so that it’s clean and nourished. For this we recommend Organics Dry and Damaged shampoo and conditioner. If you have curls, you might want to detangle and stretch your hair the night before to make sure your braids are frizz-free on installation.


Braids are the perfect protective hair style, considering you don’t have to style your hair everyday, keeping them maintained so they look stylish, neat and healthy hair is a must. It’s very important to keep using a moisturising shampoo, as synthetic extensions tend to dry out natural hair. You might even need to turn your whole head around when you talk to someone for a day or two but worry not, this too shall pass.


Braid installation should never be tight and painful, yes, your scalp may feel tender during the process but if you start tearing up because it hurts, tell your hairstylist immediately. You don’t want to damage your scalp, your hairline or your sleeping pattern for the next few days.


It is very necessary to maintain the health (and smell) of your hair and scalp, so if you feel or see product-build up on your braids, break the myth that you can’t wash braids and well...wash them . Everyone hates grime, especially on hair. Since you can't heat synthetic hair, go outside, enjoy the sun and let your braids air dry. After drying, don’t forget to base that scalp... you’ll thank us later.


Since we all agree that braids are amazing, we also should know that we can’t wear them back to back. Yes, they’re an amazing protective hairstyle but let your scalp breath and loosen the tension around your natural hair.

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