Never underestimate the power of pause


The reason some sayings are considered cliché is because they’re true. Why else would they be used so often? “You can’t pour from an empty cup” is the perfect example. Day in, day out, there is something that will demand your attention. You’re Super Woman!


Who else will people call on? From kids to work, you’re often everyone’s go to. But what happens when you forget to care for yourself? Your cup becomes empty and you have nothing left to give. The trick is to be mindful. Everything else can wait for a moment while you build yourself up once more. Let's just pump the breaks for a second. When was the last time you had a moment to read your favourite book? Or watch your favourite series?


You need to find the time to stop and turn off for a bit. Stop thinking, stop moving and just step back from all the demands. Believe it or not, twenty minutes away from your duties isn’t going to harm anyone. After you’ve turned off for a bit, stop for a moment and look at what you’ve accomplished. You might forget that all the hard work you do is paying off. Remember that you don’t always live your life for others. Live for your own amazing self too.



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