The secret is Shea Butter


The search for constant nourishment and moisture is ongoing in many of our lives. Well, look no further.


You’ve probably heard about shea butter and its many beneficial uses? For many years, shea butter has been used for cosmetics as well as nutritional purposes.

Typically used for moisturising effects, shea butter is a well-known ingredient that helps make your hair naturally stronger, healthier and resistant to breakage. It helps relieve many scalp problems such as dry, itchy scalp by moisturising and reducing flakes due to dryness. On an oily scalp, it helps reduce excessive oil production. Sounds good enough to try, right? This makes it the perfect ingredient natural hair growth. Head to your nearest retail stores and pick our Organics Dry and Damaged (with shea butter) shampoo and conditioner haircare range from the shelf.


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